The road to recovery from a substance use disorder is never easy, and it frequently evokes negative emotions such as confusion, shame, and guilt. However, it is essential to remember that regardless of who is battling substance use disorder, the road to recovery looks different for everyone. Fortunately, multiple routes to recovery are available, as finding the assistance you require should always be tailored to your situation and goals.


There are many paths to recovery and your choice may be based on your cultural values, a psychological need, available resources, or the nature of your substance use. It is difficult to categorize every treatment and recovery path, but here are ten common pathways.

  • Natural Recovery: Stop using or go “cold turkey.”


  • Recovery Therapies: Behavioral therapies or contingency management.


  • Medication-Assisted: Withdrawal management (detoxification) or treatment with medication.


  • Peer-Based Supports: Recovery coaching or peer support specialist.


  • Mutual Aid Groups: 12-step facilitation or SMART recovery.


  • Family Recovery: Family contract and support from all family members.


  • Harm Reduction: Education, cutting back safely, or weaning off.


  • Faith-Based: Place of worship or the Celebrate Recovery program.


  • Culture-Based: Culture responsive therapy, the White Bison program for example, or veteran specific groups.


  • Residential: Short-term or long-term inpatient facilities.



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