• Recognizes that drug use, both legal and illegal, is a reality in our world, for better or worse, and instead of ignoring or condemning it, seeks to reduce its harmful effects.


  • Recognizes that drug use is a complex, multifaceted phenomenon encompassing a continuum of behaviors ranging from heavy use to complete abstinence and that some drug use practices are undeniably safer than others.


  • Establishes quality of life and community well-being as the standard for effective interventions and policies, not necessarily eliminating drug use.


  • Encourages the provision of non-judgmental, non-coercive services and resources to drug users and the communities in which they reside to assist them in mitigating the negative consequences of drug use.


  • Ensures that regular drug users and those with a history of drug use have a genuine voice in developing programs and policies that will benefit them.


  • Recognizes that people who use drugs (PWUD) are the primary agents in reducing the adverse effects of their drug use and empowers PWUD to collaborate and support one another in developing solutions tailored to their specific conditions of use.


  • Recognizes that social injustices such as sexism, racism, social exclusion, and poverty influence how susceptible people are to drug-related harm and how well-equipped they are to deal with it.


  • Does not attempt to minimize or disregard the actual and tragic harm and risk associated with illicit drug use.





Download and share


Support the Share Facts Save Lives campaign with shareable content. These materials can be used to educate and create a path towards recovery.


Treatment and recovery support


Access to mapping tools related to SUD treatment, such as residential treatment facilities, withdrawal resources, recovery residence options, and more.


Know your options


OPTIONS Maine liaisons  serve as a judgment-free point of contact who will meet people where they are in terms of their substance use.

2-1-1 Maine

Services directory


2-1-1 is a free, confidential information and referral service based in Maine available 24/7 that connects people of all ages to local services.